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About Us

Performing Arts for the Digital Stage

The live arts depend on people coming together to create, share and be inspired. When we can’t get together in person, we need to find new ways to connect.

The Streaming Theatre is designed to bring artists, audiences and communities together online. We want to keep artists connected to their audiences and help them find new fans at the same time.

Most of all we want to keep inspiring each other through this strange and isolated time.

What We Do 

The Streaming Theatre is an Online Performing Arts Center producing its own work and offering Live Streaming, Video Production and Remote Digital Solutions for the Arts.


We take care of the technical side of streaming, allowing each artist to simply call in on any video calling platform. For higher quality sound for musicians, we can also incorporate easy-to-use software allowing a virtual ISDN-like workflow between the artist and our editor.

We can accommodate multiple artists in a single stream, each joining us from their own home. We then live edit the performance and stream live to platforms such as Youtube, Twitch, our own website and other RTMP hosts. Rather than simply displaying a static stream of all the participants, we take an artistic approach, employing editing, compositing and underscoring to help bring the work to life.

We provide a way for audiences to donate during the stream, to support the artists and allow us to keep streaming.

We also offer Video Production Services and other Digital Solutions to help artists promote themselves further and connect to their audiences in new ways. 


We’d love to hear from all of you who have something to share. Drop us a line and let’s stick together, even when we are apart

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